From hopeless to thrilled with Huawei.

A memorable collection.
In the beggining of April 2020 it was impossible to stick to our routine anymore. Not only us, but the whole word turned uncertain within a few weeks.  
The only thing we knew is to keep hoping and keep going.
Our summer collection was ready, but the photoshoot was cancelled, meeting people was impossible, the summer launch was cancelled. The world started to close up around us and we found ourselves in a situation where the plans turned into mission impossible. Yet we wanted to stand for our lion symbol and be brave and fight for it. 



Instead of a big team and studio photoshoot we adapted to the new cirscumstances and teamed up with Huawei and prepared a truly COVID-19 proof collection shoot in our beloved capital.

We hit the streets of Budapest and created the imgaes using a Huawei P40 Pro,  the most amazing camera phone ever. Zsófi, our designer, became the face of the first summer collection with iconic landscapes of the quaranteened Budapest. The rest is history …

 We learnt that Budapest is even more beutiful when the streets are empty and a Huawei P40 Pro can be an important part of a hat collection & Lions always win.


**Thank you Huawei Hungary for sponsoring the first summer collection of TAU, without your devices this season would have not been so amazing!

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